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L-Arginine Dosage

L-Arginine Dosages can be difficult to establish. Our recommendation is a RANGE of dosages that we have found to be safe. Remember that the successful dosage can depend on the original deficiency or particular need for Arginine prior to it's use. Which can, at times make dosage setting difficult. Our oral solution for delivery of L-Arginine to the body is unique in that it's subtle introduction allows the body to build up a tolerance to Arginine as it can sometimes be related to digestive difficulties at the higher dosage levels. Our dosage recommendations range from low to high needs in cases that involve hormone deficiency.

Dosages for other methods of Arginine involve taking concentrated pills or capsules, or worse yet intravenous pathways. Don't let the needles scare you but beware because the side-effects are worse with these delivery avenues.

This pleasant tasting grape flavored ultra low calorie beverage can go with a meal or even replace it. L-Arginine is believed to increase cardiovascular health and improve circulation throughout even to the end of using it as an aphrodisiac, for some. The point is that you would do anything do improve your cardiovascular health, wouldn't? If it was a prescription offered by a doctor would your faith in it's use be more likely? Give us a chance to change your health for the better, a homeopathic avenue is much more amenable to a healthy lifestyle.